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PAR (Preferred Auto Recyclers) is now Team PRP West.

Team PRP West is a combination of the best personnel, processes, efficiencies, and resources of sixteen of the oldest and largest auto recyclers in nine western states. We have facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Alaska, we also service Utah, Washington and Wyoming. With connected inventories and shared training and disciplines, we are able to bring you the best warranties, combined with the highest quality and service levels the auto recycling industry has to offer. Our goal is to help improve your cycle times and your bottom line!


With our combined resources we are able to offer the largest inventory locally available.  Learn more.


Parts are quoted as complete as needed and with no damage, and our quotes are guaranteed for seven days. Learn more.


Our Four Point Inspection and Team PRP-Wash cleaning programs assure the parts will be clean and ready for use upon arrival at the repair facility. We are striving to achieve the lowest return rates possible! 


We have a fleet of delivery trucks servicing the metro areas in all Team PRP West states, and we utilize roadrunners to provide fast service to the rural area as well. Learn more.


Team PRP will provide you with the names and phone numbers of our wholesale specialists in your area and update you on a regular basis.

Customer Service

The Team PRP West No-Supplements or Surprises policy means we will communicate with the repairer to supply what is needed, when it's needed, and do everything possible to expedite the repair process and favorably impact cycle times. Learn more.


All our mechanical parts carry a Limited Lifetime, unlimited mileage, parts and labor warranty. Team PRP sheet metal carries limited lifetime replacement coverage against corrosion perforation. We provide risk-free recycled parts!

Damage and Return Policy

Team PRP facilities offer a No-Hassle return policy. Learn more.

We want to be your supplier of choice!


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